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Fly to Southampton for a Great Holiday

Why would you choose a holiday in Southampton? With its fascinating maritime history, its natural beauty and architectural landmarks, its interesting art and culture, the port city of Southampton presents one of the most interesting facets of Europe.

The first question is – how do you reach Southampton? Flights, ferries and roads connect this city with other areas in the UK and Europe. The most convenient choice is to fly to Southampton. It offers a host of advantages; it takes less time than other options; it is hassle-free and less expensive as well.

Fly to Southampton

Southampton Airport serves the city and its surrounding areas. This ‘fast-track’ airport, located in central-southern England, offers easy connectivity to the rest of the UK as well as to other parts of Europe.

The majority of flights to Southampton are operated by the regional carrier Flybe. You can reach the city from Belfast and Dublin in Ireland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen in Scotland, Leeds/Bradford and Manchester in the North West, Guernsey and Jersey in the Channel Islands and Newcastle and Newquay.

Eastern Airways and Aer Arran also operate flights to Southampton. If you are on a European holiday, don’t miss the opportunity to check out the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of this port city.

Southampton Airport is located in the outskirts of the city; however, that doesn’t make accessibility any difficult. The Southampton Airport Parkway railway station and the M3 and M27 connect the airport with the city. You can reach the Southampton Central Station within a few minutes from the Parkway railway station.

Want to catch a glimpse of the city’s past? Want to check out the cultural scenario? Want to shop and dine? Whatever your interests and inclinations, Southampton can cater to it. The diverse attractions and experiences can create the perfect holiday for you.

Southampton Attractions and Experiences

Let’s explore the choices you have when you fly to Southampton.

Connection to the sea: Southampton’s association with the sea has continued through the centuries. Explore its maritime history in the Sea City Museum, where the exhibits celebrate the ways the sea has affected the life in Southampton. A tour of Buckler’s Hard, a shipbuilding village on the Beaulieu riverside, offers an offbeat experience.

Nature’s splendour: View the Rothschild Collection of rare plants, shrubs and trees at the Exbury Gardens, visit the friendly farmyard animals at the Manor Farm Country Park and the wild ones at the Marwell Zoo or opt for a fun-filled trip at the Go Ape equipped with bridges, swings, slides and crossings on the treetops.

Museums that fascinate: The Roman, Saxon and medieval period artefacts in the Archaeology Museum in God’s House Tower, the vehicles from James Bond and Harry Potter movies at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, the replicas of objects in the Medieval Merchants House and the Tudor House offer a glimpse of the past and present glories.

Art and culture scenario: Check out the fabulous art exhibitions at the City Art Gallery, get tickets to the West End shows held at the Mayflower Theatre or attend a program by one of the most popular music bands performing at the Southampton Guildhall – the options are extensive when it comes to the art and culture of this port city.

Food and drink experiences: Dine out at a Mexican restaurant in Bedford Place, go for a glass of sparkling wine in an elegant bar on Oxford Street or opt for a simple meal at a casual pub in the Below Bar and Old Town area. Whatever your preferences, Southampton offers choices that suit them.

Fantastic cruises: No holiday in Southampton is complete without a cruise. Make sure you experience this element while you are in the city. Whether it is a short cruise in the Beaulieu or a luxury one to another European city, it can offer you the best way to experience the strong bonds that Southampton shares with the sea.

Plan your itinerary well to ensure a memorable holiday in Southampton.

The weather is pleasant, the attractions are great, the people are friendly – what more do you need for an ideal holiday? Whether you are planning a fun-filled family trip or an adventurous getaway with friends, Southampton is the best place to visit in Europe.

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